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Truck Bed Lift
February 2013 -- Need to lift the bed off your truck chassis? 
This H frame will adjust out to the width of your bed.
There are angle brackets on the end of each tube that
goes up under the truck bed rail.  Pick it up with your
engine hoist and off it comes.   $199 in blue or red powder coating.
 Parts Tree
January 2013 -- Every painter needs some way to paint doors
and fenders.  We plan to develop a handful of racks and holders
for paint and prep operations, this being the first.  It has 6 hooks
to support 2 doors or 2 fenders at a time.   Paint both the inside and out,
both at the same time.  No more wires hanging your parts,
allowing them to move around while you chase them with the paint gun. 
No more dropping doors after they're painted.  This stand is heavy duty. 
You can even do prep work on it.    Sturdy 30" x 36" base with 3" casters.
Roll it into the paint booth and start painting. 

Engine Run Stand
October 2012 -- Bolt the back of the bell housing up to the solid steel plate in the back.
Slide the motor mount posts to fit the motor mounts.
Adjust the ACME rod posts to the proper height. 
The radiator will sit on the brackets on the posts just below the gauges.
It also includes heavy duty 5" casters.   2,000 lb capacity.   
Add your own gauges, radiator, battery, fuel cell, and test your engine.
$499 in blue or red powder coating.
 Engine Build Stand
February 2012 -- Have you ever put an engine on a typical engine stand
only to have it lean so far forward that you wonder if it's going to fall off? 
Not this time.  A few years ago, we made an attachment to our AutoTwirler
PLUS to mount an engine plate in the pivot.  We've had a lot of requests for
a heavy duty engine stand, taller than most others, to make it both safe
and comfortable to built your engine.   This is the result. 
3" casters allow you to easily roll the engine.  1,200 lb capacity.  
Only $300 in blue or red powder coating.
2 Point Car Dolly
January 2012 -- Ever take the suspension out of one end of a car and not sure how to support it?  
So, it sits there on jack stands, unmoveable, and in your way.   And how stable are those jack stands? 
Here is another option....jack stands with bolt on top plates, on wheels.  
Imagine a Camaro with the subframe removed,
but with the rear suspension still intact. 
Bolt these stands onto the firewall and
roll the car anywhere you want.   It comes with
adjustable height posts with your choice of top plates. 
Straddle pads, shown here, or top/side bolt on posts,
leaf spring posts, or a single hole bolt down post.
5" casters.   3,000 lb rating.
Only $350 in blue or red powder coating.
Elite Body Cart
March 2011 -- We merged the adjustable height posts on the Body Cart Plus and the 8" diameter casters on the Body Cart Standard in order to create a new cart, the Body Cart Elite. 
The purpose was to create an adjustable height cart that would
roll up and down onto trailers for transporting car bodies.  
It comes with your choice of mounting posts,
either straddle pads, top/side bolt on posts,
leaf spring posts, or a single hole bolt down post.
$575 in bare steel or $725 in blue or red powder coating.

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