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Auto Rotisseries - Auto Body Carts, Build Tables & Engine Stands

AutoTwirler mainly manufactures auto body shop equipment for both the DIY restorer and the professional body or restoration shop.  Everything is made in Logan in our shop.  

Automotive Rotisseries:  

We manufacture 4 different automotive rotisseries to fit both your body and/or frame size, your shop size, and your budget.  We’re sure you’ll find one that best suits your needs among our offering.

1.)  The AutoTwirler STANDARD fixed height auto rotisserie which by definition does not have any jacks on it.  It is a great option for those who have a 2 post lift, forklift, etc, or for industrial applications for welding jigs, painting support frames, sandblasting or powder coating.  

2.)  The AutoTwirler BASIC is our smallest adjustable height model, with hydraulic jacks, which is made of 2.5" square tubing, all 3/16" thick, and goes out to 15 feet long.   It has a 3" diameter pivot and compares to a lot of our competitors although we tend to use larger A325 bolts so they don't strip out and Acme threaded rods for the balancers.   We just don't like all-threads or Chinese bolts for balancers.  Many like this model for smaller import car bodies and truck cabs due to its smaller footprint.

3.)  The AutoTwirler PLUS is our longest running adjustable height automotive rotisserie.   It's made of 3" square tubing.  The swing arm is 3/16" thick.  It goes out 19 feet long and holds 3,000 lbs.  It's been used in thousands of car restorations by DIY'ers and shops alike.   It's also been used by several government agencies, defense contractors, insurance companies, and other industrial users.  Because of its longevity, it is very recognizable on TV shows like Chop Cut Rebuild, 2 Guys Garage, TruckU and others.  It is also used in top named restoration shops around the world.  

4.)  Our top rotisserie is the AutoTwirler PRO, which also goes out 19 feet long and holds 3,000 lbs.  It is a little heavier built than the PLUS and has ball bearings in the pivot to make it easier to rotate.   It has an infinite balancer on it that is considered the best in the industry.   It has heavy duty 5" polyurethane-over-cast-iron casters on it as well.  Lots of machining on this unit was done to keep the tolerances tight and eliminate all the movement in each transition joint.

5.)  We also manufacture custom-made, private labeled or OEM-type rotisseries, both for car bodies, frames, and industrial applications.   Contact us for details.  

Rotisserie Mounting Brackets & Accessories

Having a rotisserie is great.   You can cut sheet metal out, grind, scrap, weld, paint, all out in front of you where you can see what you're doing, do it comfortably, and go a better job.   But, not every project body you have will fit directly up to any rotisserie.   In that case, you'll want some brackets or accessories to make mounting your car body or frame easier, faster and safer.  That's why we make a wide selection of mounting brackets and accessories.  If you have a specific application that we don't cover and you can give us the dimensions, we'll be glad to make you brackets.  

We have bracket kits to fit all uni-body Mopars, Mustangs, Novas, Camaros, Jags, 55-57 T-Birds, Corvettes, and many truck cabs.  We also have individual mounting brackets for each of those plus Fairlanes, Falcons, and many of the imported sports cars.   Most full frame cars can bolt directly into our mounting arms without additional brackets, but we have brackets for 33 Ford Roadsters and valance brackets for anything with a valance or tail pan.  

Auto Body Carts

What do you do when your car is not on the rotisserie or if you just don't want to go that far?   We make 6 different auto body carts, four are universally adjustable to fit about anything.  The other two are specific for Mopar bodies and Mustang bodies.  Know that our carts are heavy duty and built to last.  No other carts we've seen matches our design or ruggedness.   All of our carts are rated for 3,000 lbs.

1.)  Body Cart PRO -- top of the line.  8 body mounts, all adjustable.  Phenomenal for Corvettes and other fiberglass bodies.  Also great for repairing body mount areas and basket case projects that need more support.

2.)  Body Cart ELITE -- developed to compliment our Body Cart Plus by having a similar cart with larger casters to be able to go up and down on and off trailers better.  4 feet wide x 11 feet long and height adjustable with four 8" poly-on-cast-iron casters.

3.)  Body Cart PLUS -- designed to match the structure of the AutoTwirler STANDARD and the AutoTwirler PLUS, it uses the same base design, although narrower, so you can use them in conjunction with each other if needed to replace a quarter or smooth out a firewall.   Also 4 feet wide x 11 feet long and height adjustable with six 5" phenolic wheels like these two automotive rotisseries.

4.)  Body Cart STANDARD -- a nice all purpose cart for storing or moving bodies around the shop.  Also works great for truck cabs and beds.   Fixed height but extends out from 38" to 65" in either direction, staying a rectangle.  Like the ELITE, it has four 8" poly-on-cast-iron casters.

5.)  MOPAR Body Cart -- as the name implies, it bolts directly to the Mopar body at the K frame mount and the front leaf spring mount to give you a rolling body.   We also have an optional front bumper mount kit to replace the K frame half of the cart if you prefer.  Fits every uni-body Mopar except the 73-74 B bodies, which we can fit with the front bumper mount version.

6.)  Mustang Body Cart -- specifically designed to fit the Mustang bodies.  The front post width will adjust to accomodate the lower A arm socket spacing, but the rear is fixed.   It is also fixed height.   If you want something more versatile and adjustable for other bodies also, look at the Body Cart Elite as an alternative.  

Engine Stands

We now have engine stands after many requests.  

a.)  Engine Build Stand -- heavy duty.  2-3 inches taller than most others on the market so you don't have to lean over and give yourself a backache.   It also does NOT lean forward when you put a 600-700 lb motor on it like most of the retail version tend to do.

b.)  Engine Run Stand -- fully adjustable to fit most Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler engines without any modifications.  Ford engines motor mount adaptors are coming soon.   Compact design, yet stable so you can rev up your motor without fear of the stand torquing on you.  

c.)  Engine Cradle -- initially made to fit Mopar engines, but we are expanding the mounts to be more and more universal.   Call us for updates.

Other Dollies

We also have dollies, or cradles, or workstations for axles in all automotive sizes, 9" Ford rear end housings, transmissions, and the like.  Call us for details.

Paint & Prep Room Stands

We introduced a new parts tree in January and intend to build a bumper stand and other body shop stands to make your work more stable, easier to move around, and more organized.   If you have any specific request, we're all ears.   Give us a call.

Car Casters

We manufacture car casters, or as others might refer to them as tire skates, car dollies, or auto dollies.  They are 1/4" thick solid steel plates, bent to the shape of the tire, to all the car to sit on them directly and be pushed around by hand.  We have 2 plate sizes, either 8" or 12" wide.  They are zinc plated so they have a nice finish and won't rust.  We have 3 different caster choices, either a 3" or 3.5" diameter ball bearing caster set, or a 3.5" roller bearing caster set.   These are all heavy duty and will work as described.  They are not your typical, and cheaper, retail store versions, that look good in the box, but don't roll all that well.  They say you get what you pay for.  Certainly true in this case.

Jack Stands

We know you can buy jack stands at a lot of places, but most of them are cast or have adjustment mechanisms that are subject to fail, and frankly, they are all sized for mechanical work on most cars only.   We have 4x4 trucks and a small semi-truck that those typical jack stands just would not reach up to the frame rail.  So, we made some heavy duy jack stands that will go up to 31" tall for trucks and projects that you want to get up off the ground.

Shipping / Freight

Note:  you can purchase anything that ships by UPS Ground directly off our website and process immediately using PayPal.  You can use the pay now feature or pay over time feature for extended payment options.   However, anything that needs to ship by truck freight (i.e. all 4 Auto Rotisseries or the Body Cart PRO, Elite, or PLUS), please call our office, or send us an email inquiry for the freight cost.
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